Fantasia — Preschool redesignFantasia — Preschool redesign

Fantasia — Preschool redesign

After having workshops with both teachers and children in the preschool Medevi Brunn, situated in central Stockholm, we were to redesign their interior as the original architects with their needs in mind. This resulted in transforming their space from a closed environment to an open one.

Resilience —

By removing walls and making it a more open space with movable multifunctional furniture, we give the space resilience against bigger, more expensive and less environmentally friendly renovations.

Multifunctional —

The multifunctionality of an open surrounding with movable furniture gives the space more flexible usage. It can be changed into something completely different after hours.

Imaginative —

By using playful shapes and colours we invite the children to play and learn in an environment that doesn’t control their imagination. They are the inventors themselves.